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Jeffrey B. Melcer
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Mr. Melcer is an experienced and aggressive trial attorney who has been trying cases on behalf of those seriously injured for more than 25 years.  A graduate of Brooklyn Law School, Mr. Melcer currently specializes in construction, motor vehicle, medical malpractice, municipal and premises liability cases but also has extensive prior experience in many other types of litigation such as civil rights, property damage, commercial disputes, landlord and tenant proceedings.  Over his long career he has taken over 100 cases to trial and achieved an exceptionally high rate of success in all areas of personal injury litigation.  Mr. Melcer has personally resolved highly complex injury cases where multi-million dollar awards were at stake.  Mr. Melcer’s extensive experience in complex personal injury matters assures he can find the way forward on any case when others cannot.  Mr. Melcer believes in listening to his clients, understanding their needs and their cases and aggressively advocating on behalf of his clients.

Mr. Melcer specializes in assuming cases that have stalled and making them viable again with novel and innovative legal strategies.  In addition, Mr. Melcer has extensive experience in minimizing claims for reimbursement from state, city and federal agencies so he can always maximize his clients’ recovery amounts.


“I take pride in handing every case in my office with the utmost intensity, determination and dedication possible.”


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